Writers Of Whitstable

wowpic1 copyWriters Of Whitstable is a friendly writing group, with the serious aim of helping its members become better writers.

The group meets  on the last Monday of each month at 7pm. The group is small, so projects can be discussed in depth. Writers distribute the work they’d like to discuss a week before the group meeting, and this will be read by members before we meet. This means there is good time to form critical constructive feedback on each project.

I find a useful format for giving feedback is WWW EBI, which means:

What works well?

Even better if…

I feel it’s a useful skill for all writers to learn to analyse other’s people’s writing. Developing a critical eye and ability to note strengths and weaknesses can help any writer improve their craft. Understanding what works/doesn’t work and why that’s so, helps us apply those lessons to our own writing and make it stronger.

If you’re interested in developing a writing project, and would like supportive people to offer encouragement and advice along the way then the Writers Of Whitstable writing group might work for you.

I couldn’t resist the WOW acronym, but  of course Writers Of Whitstable is open to writers wherever they are based, if you can make it to a group you’ll be welcome!

if you have any questions about Writers Of Whitstable or want to come along please email writersofwhitstable@gmail.com.

- Joanne Bartley