Writers Of Whitstable

wowpic1 copyWriters Of Whitstable is a friendly writing group, with the serious aim of helping its members become better writers. The group meets  on the first Monday of each month at 7.30pm at a local bar.

Writers distribute the work they’d like to discuss a week before the group meeting, and this is read before we get together. This means there is good time to form constructive feedback on each project.

This style of group doesn’t suit everyone, as it does require a little reading ‘homework’ before each meeting! We have a mix of group members most are working on novels or short stories, but we occasionally have children’s fiction, screenplays and non-fiction to read. We welcome new members who are willing to give time to helping others improve their work, as well as hoping to improve their own. If you have any questions about Writers Of Whitstable or want to come along please email Joanne at writersofwhitstable@gmail.com.

COMING SOON:  Beyond the Beach Huts, the Writers of Whitstable anthology

coverWe’ve been busy producing a book of short stories which will launch on May 10th as part of the Whit Lit literary festival. The stories each have a Whitstable theme and more than a dozen writers have contributed stories to the book. The book will be on sale from May priced at just £5, with any profits donated to local charity Trust Sulha.

We look forward to sharing our work with the wider world, and hope you enjoy our tales of Whitstable life, which include flying car parks, grotters and sunsets, art show dramas and true stories from Whitstable’s past. There is a lot more to life in this town than pretty beach huts, and we enjoyed creating an alternative view of the town!

We are printing a limited run of books, if you’d like to pre-order a copy please get in touch. Or why not buy a copy at our launch event at the Duke of Cumberland on May 10th at 7.00pm? Meet the authors and hear about the inspiration for their stories.  We expect this free event to sell out, so reserve your tickets now!