The 300 word challenge

Well why not? I’ve decided to start a little blog about writing, here at the WoW website.

You will find witterings with a writing theme, insights and tips from writers in our group, and hopefully some future posts about the success of Whitstable writers!

Last night we met for the first time in the Marine Hotel. It seemed to work well as a venue. It was a beautiful sunny evening, but we sat inside to make use of the biggest table. We shared feedback on two member’s projects, then had a drink and a good chat.

I have two scripts on the go that badly need rewrites, but I’m finding it hard to find time for such big projects. A lovely new member suggested writing just 300 words a day, and I’m already enamoured of this idea. Who can’t find just 300 words of daily writing time? Even on a busy day at the office I can email myself 300 words of novel (not really boss!)

So, this morning before breakfast I wrote 300 words of chapter 1. I’m aiming for 50,000 words, so we’ll see if in 166 days I’ll have finished it. I’ll let you know if this slow but sure approach works for me.

I’m aiming to produce 300 words of ‘good’ writing each day, and by that I mean writing each 300 words carefully. I’ve tried NaNoWriMo and a few ‘script in a month’ challenges, but while I get the projects finished this way, it always turns it a ¬†daunting task to rewrite a big pile of words So, this timeI have two rules.

  1. 300 words a day
  2. 300 words of thoughtful careful writing.

I’m converting a well planned screenplay idea into a novel, so I hope that will help. This has the happy side effect of turning an expensive film idea into a novel of wild imagination, all for a budget of zero. I love that with fiction I can get a great big pile of amazing made-up stuff for free!

My 300 word challenge is a minimum daily requirement, and I’m eager to go. (It’s the early days!) So I will write a few more words tonight to get ahead of the game.

January 12th 2014 is my far away deadline. Will I have a novel in the new year? We shall see.

– Joanne Bartley

Marine Hotel, Tankerton

Marine Hotel – Thanks to Vicky Newham for photo.

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