I founded Writers Of Whitstable because I was looking for a small, serious, development workshop group. I’d like to find regular constructive criticism on my writing project, and  although there are some excellent established writing groups in Whitstable, I felt none of these offered quite what I needed. So I decided to found my own group, and hope to find a few new writing friends to make these meet-ups a success.

I studied Screenwriting for Film and TV at Bournemouth University, graduating in 1996. A couple of my screenplays were developed by production companies, but it’s a tough industry to break into! I left screenwriting behind and embraced motherhood and a career in poker marketing.

Over the years I’ve tried my hand at blogs, novels, short stories, journalism and scripts. I hope the Writers Of Whitstable group will offer something for local writers who have a passion for words, and a desire to become the best writer they can be.

Thanks for your interest in Writers Of Whitstable, I hope to see you at a group soon.

– Joanne Bartley